Cinderella Solution – The Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

Weight loss is one of the biggest problems faced by women across the world and as a woman, I can guarantee that we have all tried a variety of remedies to lose weight and a majority of them give temporary results. That is where Cinderella Solution comes in.

What is Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution is a 100% natural and safe weight loss system that has been designed exclusively for women over 25. It aims at correcting the stubborn hormonal transition that happens in women after 25 years and starts playing with the female metabolism.

Quick Summary to Cinderella Solution

Getting started with the program is quite simple; all you need is to concentrate. Let me help you understand what you would be getting –

Main Manual

Part I

The main manual of Cinderella Solution is your gateway to knowledge. This part of the manual delivers an abundance of knowledge, and it also helps you understand all the details about the program – the approach, how to get started, what kind of changes you may see in yourself, and everything in between. It discusses in detail about the two steps involved. Reading this manual helps you decide if you wish to get started right away or later. The manual also talks about the different ancient weight loss rituals across the world. You will get to learn some incredible rituals that have been proven to work. Once you are done reading the manual, you will understand the amount of research that went into the Cinderella Solution. This understanding is enough for you to start believing in the effectiveness of the program. The third chapter of the manual will detail you about Cinderella Solution’s two-phase process to weight loss. You will learn how to set weight loss goals during this time. Each of the 14-days phases is designed to do a specific thing re-engineering the body and balance hormonal activity to ignite the metabolic fires.

Part II

The second part of the manual has details about the resources required to glide through the program and kick-start your weight loss. This part includes recipes and meal plans, along with a 14-day calendar. It also explains in detail about the right kinds of carbs, fats, and proteins, and the ideal amount needed for a tasty weight loss.

Part III

This is the part where you learn how to put your learning into action. The part has a simple 3-step instruction guide that offers details on implementing the weight loss rituals. The part also reveals some fascinating information about food pairings and using different combining.

Part IV

This is the most exciting part as you get to know some exciting list of flavorful food combinations and pairings for delectable meals that lead to effective weight loss. It teaches you about the different flavors and the right combinations to be used for maximum results.

Clinically Researched and Tested

Are you not sure if Cinderella Solution is reliable? Well, let me share something with you. Carly Donovan, the wonder woman who came up with Cinderella Solution, was just a regular woman trying to cope with her weight issues; and just like many of us, she too tried several remedies and failed. Let me tell you that she isn’t some paid fitness guru nor did she have easy access to the best gym equipment to lose weight. All she had was the will to lose weight and get fit. After trying out several methods and failing, she started researching some ancient procedures for weight loss and came up with this miraculous Japanese “Flavour Pairing Technique.” This addresses the problem of ICE Dysfunction.

Research shows that cortisol, insulin, and estrogens are the three crucial hormones responsible for excessive weight gain in women. While these three hormones work really well in women below 20 years, their activity diminishes after the age of 25. This is the period when most women start experiencing metabolism issues, which further lead to weight gain. Cinderella Solution focuses on balancing this hormonal activity through flavor pairing and physical activity to help women lose weight.

Designed Exclusively for Women

Cinderella SolutionI have heard a lot of people say that there are no “one-fit-for-all” weight loss programs. This is very true up to a certain extent. The male body is quite different from the female body. Right from the physical appearance to the functioning of the hormonal system to the metabolism, the functioning is quite different.

Similarly, the weight loss mechanism is also very different in men and women. While men can quickly lose weight by spending time with some heavy gym equipment, it is not the same as women. Post the age of 25 years, women start developing hormonal transition and imbalance within the body, and this activity interferes with several functions of their body, including the metabolism. This is the main reason for their weight gain. Though these women try several methods to burn fat and get in shape, it always comes back.

Regular fat burning diets and weight loss programs focus on cutting calories to limit fat accumulation. This offers a temporary solution by burning a few calories which may return once you stop following them. However, the focus of Cinderella Solution is much different. Cinderella Solution identifies this problem and tries to rectify this hormonal transition and create hormonal balance. This means that unlike the regular programs that seek to control the problem, Cinderella Solution works towards eliminating it from the roots.

The regime comprises of simple flavor pairing recipes that you can cook at home and follow just a few simple exercises, and you start shredding those stubborn calories!


I have used it, and I am well aware of the benefits, and I feel it makes me worthy enough to scream out the benefits so you can experience them too! So here are the advantages I have observed –

The most crucial advantage of Cinderella Solution is that it is designed specifically for “women over 25.” This exclusiveness is vital because men and women store or burn fat differently, and as women, we need a specific program designed to suit our anatomy. This is the only way we can lose sustainable weight; Cinderella Solution is just that. I also liked the fact that the regime has a specific focus – “women over 25.” Well, it is a well-established fact that our body changes post mid-20’s, and we need a solution that identifies and addresses it.

Another thing I really appreciate about the program is the availability of several options for accessing it. You can either download it to a digital device like a laptop or a phone or access it directly from the website whenever and wherever you want. Getting started as soon as you make the payment is yet another very convenient feature of the program. I mean, you don’t have to wait for a “Monday” to get fit!

Now, let me reveal the most attractive advantage of the program! The “60-Day Money Back Guarantee.” Yes, that is absolutely what I said. The program comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. This gives you ample time to start using the system and see the results. This is a huge confidence booster, isn’t it?


Well, honestly, I could not think of a disadvantage with Cinderella. I mean, the program is all-natural. All you have to do is to eat natural, home-cooked meals and then do some simple set of exercises. What disadvantages can this have? On, well, I might say that I felt the name is a little odd! Cinderella’s story was tragic, and this doesn’t have anything to do with this program. I do understand why they opted for the name Cinderella as the tale explains that the girl regained control of her life and transformed it into something wonderful. Cinderella Solution works similarly. However, I don’t feel that the name does full justice in emphasizing the power of this incredible program and what it is about or how it works. The name is a little too fancy and doesn’t cover how the program “counteracts hormonal transition in women over 25.”

The Verdict

I am a living proof to say that Cinderella Solution works! I have used it, and I have seen my fat burn, inch by inch, and every hour of the day. Finally, I can say this out loud that Cinderella Solution is a rebound weight-loss program that allows women over 25 years to reclaim control over their bodies. The best thing about it is that the program is quite easy-to-follow, and all you need to do is to take proper nutrition and workout every day! The recipes and the exercises are quite simple, and the manual you get describes everything very clearly. You are not required to put a lot of effort into it. No STARVING or spending hours at the GYM. JUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS, and you are good to go. The program improves your physical state inside-out. It starts with counter-attacking the hormonal transition that destroys your metabolism, allowing the body to lose weight. And hey, the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee makes it value for money.

So what are you waiting for sisters? Get Cinderella Solution today and start writing your own Cinderella story.

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