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Everyday chaos and the stress associated with it take a toll on our well-being, and it all starts playing with the body! From blink-and-miss muffin top to saggy arms and fat thighs… every woman’s nightmare! And guess what, I lived through the ordeal and it further dragged me down to depression and how did it come out of it? All thanks to the Cinderella Solution.

Let me introduce myself first.

Heya, I am Michelle, a pastry chef, but that is not the sole reason for my weight gain. I was a very active person during my college days. My flexible schedule and the girly spirit allowed me to have a very active lifestyle, and I could take out time to work out between my classes. I worked part-time at a restaurant. Though I gulped down a lot of junk as a teen, weight gain was never a concern as the activity of running between the tables and working out when I found the time, kept my body fit.

Things changed after college, and real-world concerns started. My job waiting for the tables turned into a 9-hour desk job, and I was stuck in front of the computer all day. This brought my vigorous lifestyle to a sedentary halt. Time went by, and I became a mom, and that was when I gained baby weight. Going back to work made things worse. Handling work and the baby made me look for more comfortable solutions. I started eating a lot of junk and had no time for the gym. And the outcome = I gained 60 pounds in 12 years!

As a victim of weight gain, I did try “A to Y” methods of weight loss and nothing helped until I bumped on to this fantastic solution of my trial “Z.”

Z = Cinderella Solution

I can start by saying that Cinderella Solution is the perfect solution for women combating weight and metabolism issues. It is quite common for women to put on some extra pounds post-puberty, and it’s how our hormones play with us but the major mistake we do here is to take the signs lightly. That is how the pounds pile up, and you become obese in no time!

There are several studies that highlight that women undergo major hormonal shifts between puberty and menopause. This transition makes it difficult for them to lose weight and maintain a healthy figure. The hormonal changes occurring in them diminish their metabolism and thus make it difficult for them to lose weight.

Cinderella Solution is one effective program that understands and addresses this problem and helps you reactivate the female fat loss code to boost metabolism and start burning off the stubborn, excessive weight. And if you are not convinced and think of it as yet another fad diet, then let me assure you that it is not! It is not a fancy “fat-burning belt” or an ancient chant; you don’t have to count on your calories, restrict your diet, or run on a treadmill.

Instead, Cinderella Solution is 100% natural and safe, and it focuses on burning fat in the most effective yet convenient way possible. It is an ancient Japanese secret that helps you burn the stubborn fat through nutrition and a series of exercises to reactivate your metabolism. So, if you wish to recreate your own Cinderella story, here’s all you need to know to get started –

What is Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella SolutionSay weight loss, and many people come up with their opinion. Some suggest weight loss pills, while a few advice invasive surgeries, fad diets, and fancy creams. Well, the harsh truth is that they never work anyway. So what exactly is Cinderella Solution, and how is it different? Here is the answer you are looking for…

Cinderella Solution is a four-phase weight loss system that has been designed exclusively for women over 25. This program is based on research that highlights that hormonal transition in women (during puberty through menopause) destroys female metabolism, and thus makes it near impossible for women to lose bodyweight or maintain a healthy, slim figure. By following the Cinderella Solution System, you will be able to learn a unique two-step ritual that potentially reactivates your metabolism and helps you start burning stubborn fat effortlessly.

PS: This is not some diet or a calorie counting system that restricts you from eating certain foods. Cinderella Solution is 100% realistic, safe and natural, and plausible for a woman out there.  All it requires is that you take specific nutrition and do certain exercises prescribed to reactivate your metabolism. Sounds simple right? Well, it is much similar to practice. The hard work required is already done, and all you need to do is to follow the given meal plan, cook the recipes, follow the workouts, and stick to the 14-day plan provided.

Getting Started with the Program

Want to know more about the system? Let’s explore what you’ll be getting when you get started:

  • Main Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Recipe Playbook
  • Guilt-free Dessert Guide
  • Video Exercise Guide (includes all the exercises of the program)

The main manual is where you will find all the necessary details (what’s and how’s) of the program. The main manual explains the four phases –

  • Part One – Explains the program in detail
  • Part Two – Explains how to use the ‘Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book’
  • Part Three – Guide to “Movement-Sequencing Exercises”
  • Part Four – Top 10 Flavor Pairs & Combinations for Weight Loss

A quick look at the list and you will understand that the program is fully sorted and all you need is to dedicate yourself to it.

Start it Right Away!

To top it with, you can start with the program almost immediately, even when you are reading my review! The program starts as soon as you purchase the Cinderella Solution. Once the purchase is done, you can access the company’s customer page and directly download the content to your device – computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone – whatever you feel is convenient.

If you don’t have space or the convenience to download, don’t worry! You can access the entire program online. But I still recommend you to download everything for added convenience. This will ensure that you have everything you need to boost your metabolism and to balance the effects of female hormonal transition, on the go. This will allow you to read the program thoroughly, whenever you find the time, change your workout location, and maintain a stock of the groceries you need based on the recipes.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!!

Please pay special attention to this! The program is so effective that the company has come up with a “60-Day Money Back Guarantee.” This for sure attracts people who are not really convinced that eating a proper diet and following specific exercises actually boosts metabolism.

Why is it so Effective?

Let’s try to understand what makes Cinderella Solution different from the others.

Most of the regular weight loss programs and diets focus on burning fat and cutting calories. This may offer some temporary relief by burning a few calories that may return as soon as you stop following them. The focus is the reason why most of your efforts go in vain. On the contrary, Cinderella Solution focuses on “hormone balancing.” It understands the reason for your weight gain and addresses at the root level.

This exceptional weight loss system that focuses on what happens within the female body as it ages. The program focuses on providing the body with required nutrition while also suggesting simple exercises focusing abdominal fat, hips, and buttocks, the regions where women wish to lose weight.

By following the program, you will be able to manage the essential hormonal balance so don’t have to struggle with your body weight.

The ICE Dysfunction Concept

Cinderella Solution is a well-researched fat burning and weight loss system that is based on the concept of ICE Dysfunction. The author Carly Donovan has identified insulin, cortisol, and estrogens, as the three primary hormones responsible for weight gain in women. These hormones are extremely active in women below 20 years, and their activity is the reason why women below 20, don’t usually face metabolism issues. However, as a woman grows, the activity of these hormones comes down and their imbalance sets in. This leads to excessive weight gain. Cinderella Solution identifies, acknowledges and cures this problem, and that is the reason it is considered to be so effective.

Why Should you go for Cinderella Solution?

  • Fit and Healthy Body – Well, the meal plan mentioned in the manual works magic. It is the best possible way to maintain a fit, healthy body while munching on some delicious, nutrition-packed meals.
  • Fast Weight Loss – 28 days is all you need to see that stubborn fat vanish.
  • Scientifically Reliable – Researched and tested, the Cinderella Solution is scientifically reliable and is based on comprehensive medical research.
  • Works for Everyone – The best thing about the solution is that it is a specially curated program that suits women of all ages.

Pros of Cinderella Solution

  • Available at an affordable price of $37
  • The manual is quite easy to understand
  • No diet restrictions / you don’t have to starve
  • Based on Scientific Facts and Clinical Research
  • Simple & Easy Exercises
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Cons of Cinderella Solution

  • It is available just online.
  • You have to follow the program strictly to achieve the results.


Well, as a person who has tried and lost 55 pounds through Cinderella Solution, I encourage all fellow females to go for this wonderful product. Efficient and affordable, this is the one solution that guarantees amazing results. The 28-day program with 60-day money-back guarantee will surely turn out to be the best gift you could give yourself.

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