Cinderella Solution: A Natural and Safe Weight Loss System

Weight loss is one of the major concerns for many women today. After trying those modern-day fad diets, taking weight loss pills and sweating like pigs in the gym for several hours, shedding weight remains a challenge for many reasons. The market is full of weight loss products. But, just as one size doesn’t fit all, none of them work perfectly for everyone. It is because, most of these weight loss products treat fat as the main problem of weight gain, which actually is not. The main cause of accumulation of fat is left untreated and therefore women do not get the expected results. The Cinderella Solution is another weight loss system designed especially for women. But, what exactly it is? What makes it different? We shall find out in the article below. So keep reading.

What is the Cinderella Solution?

cinderella solution bookCinderella Solution is a weight loss system that is designed especially for women who want to lose weight and have struggled a lot for it. This 28-day weight loss system is different from other programs in the market and has become quite popular because it has shown efficient results on many women around the world. It has therefore been proven to be 100% safe and natural, unlike other weight loss programs. You get it in the form of an eBook that has a detailed explanation on a few flavor-pairing recipes and also some simple exercises.

It is a 28-day program for losing weight and is divided into two different phases known as the Ignite Phase and the Launch Phase. Each of these phases lasts for 2 weeks and makes use of food combinations as well as gentle workout plans that actually help in reactivating the weight loss doubling molecule, which becomes dormant because of the hormonal transitions in most females. This is a women-centric weight loss system designed for all women above 25 years and targeted the hormonal transitions (the real problem of weight gain) as explained in the next section.

What causes weight gain in women?

Fat is often considered to be the real cause of obesity in women. Usually, a weight loss system targets in getting rid of fat first. But, the real fact is that a female body is designed to melt away any unnecessary fat consumed. However, the hormonal transitions that take place in every woman after puberty till menopause, actually harms the female metabolism abruptly, which leads to weight gain.

After thorough research, it was found that it is the hormonal changes or to specify, it is the I.C.E. Dysfunction that is the exact cause of weight gain in women. There is an imbalance in the insulin, cortisol, and estrogen hormones that lead to the destruction of female metabolism. This is why women in their late 20s start to gain weight, which often becomes unmanageable, causing several health issues. The Cinderella Solution targets to treat I.C.E. Dysfunction and boost the metabolism that helps in shedding weight.

In the Cinderella solution, the author has explained several ‘flavor pairing rituals’ that actually help in balancing the insulin, cortisol, and estrogen in your body. This reactivates the weight loss doubling molecule lying dormant in your metabolism. It also helps in speeding up the process of melting the unnecessary fat from the body in place of storing it in your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and hips.

Who is the creator of Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution is a brainchild of Carly Donovan, who is nobody but a real woman like you. She also struggled a lot with her weight loss, which unfortunately did not work for her. But unlike you, she did not give up. She discovered the flavor pairing methods, tried them and managed to lose 84 lbs from her body in six weeks. She then thought of sharing this ritual with other obese women like you, who want to shed those extra pounds from their bodies. She coupled the weight loss diet with a few simple and easy exercises so that each woman can try it and shed some weight. Because this weight loss system helped her to actually live her Cinderella Dream that she always wanted to live as a kid, she named it Cinderella Solution.

How does Cinderella Solution work?

As said before, the Cinderella Solution is a 28-day program for losing weight and is divided into two phases. The first phase called Ignite phase lasts for 14 days where you have to eat 3 meals per day. Carly has explained the way to cook these and also have explained the quantity to be taken at a time. These flavor pairing recipes when coupled with a few simple workouts will regulate your hormones and help you shed weight faster.

The second phase called the Launch Phase, again lasts for 14 days. During this phase, you can eat 4 meals a day, again in a specific portion. The recipes in these phases include the same food combinations that Carly ate and lost 84 pounds.

Carly has also mentioned about the role played by the three hormones insulin, cortisol and estrogens in weight loss. She also explains how these hormones help in maintaining a healthier and beautiful you. In her eBook, she has also explained how a weight loss system made for men, do not work for women. This is why she has created the Cinderella Solution, a weight loss system designed specifically for women.

What types of food combinations are used?

The specific diet plans in each of the phases make use of special food combination that actually boosts your metabolism. Some of those food combinations included the following:

  • Greek Yogurt and Sweet Potatoes
  • Ricotta and Berries
  • Apples and Chocolates
  • Mint and Green Tea
  • Fish and Garlic

Carly has also mentioned specific recipes that made use of these food combinations to make every meal sumptuous.

How can you get this weight loss system?

You can avail Cinderella Solution as an eBook i.e. in a digital format that can be easily downloaded and read on your desktop or laptop, or even on your mobile devices like Smartphone or tablet. You will not have to carry any heavy books with yourself. It is available for $37 only. And once you download the Cinderella Solution PDF, you will not require any internet connection to read it.

The Cinderella Solution also includes workout plans in the form of videos that can be seen online. These short videos of 10 to 20 minutes show some easy to do, moderate and low-impact sequencing workouts. All of these workouts are created specifically for women. These are simple and very effective for losing weight.

What do you receive with the Cinderella Solution?

Once you pay for the Cinderella Solution, you get access to the below-mentioned guides:

  • Cinderella Solution Main Manual: This is the main guide of the program that explains the science behind weight loss. This manual throws light upon the hormonal transitions that lead to weight gain in women and how these can be regulated to promote weight loss.
  • Quick Start Guide: This serves as the cheat sheet of the entire solution. You can skip going through the entire detailed explanation given in the main manual and just get started with this guide.
  • Cinderella University Book: In this book, you can get a detailed explanation of the reasons why women gain weight.
  • Movement Sequencing Guide: The workout aspects are elucidated in this guide, which although is optional but can help in achieving weight loss results faster.
  • Daily Nutritional Blueprint: This is a bonus material where Carly tells about the recipes and meal plans that should be followed in a timely manner to achieve desired weight loss results.

Cinderella Solution weight loss system

Advantages of Cinderella Solution

  • Healthier Body: The program focuses on the natural and easy ways to lose weight from your body. The series of mentioned recipes also help in maintaining overall health.
  • Fast Weight Loss: This comprehensive program, targets on the ICE dysfunction, which is the actual problem of weight gain in females. This reactivates the weight loss doubling molecule and helps you to quickly and effectively get rid of your extra weight.
  • Scientifically Reliable: The entire information and advice provided in this eBook is based on comprehensive medical research and therefore is scientifically reliable.
  • Works for Every Woman: This system is designed specifically for women. So, every woman who wants to shed weight should invest in this safe and effective program.
  • Cost-Effective: Priced for $37 only, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Disadvantages of Cinderella Solution

  • If you do not follow the guidelines provided in the program, you will not get the desired results.
  • You get the Cinderella Solution only in the form of eBook.


Cinderella Solution is designed only for women who are struggling with their weight. Thousands of women have used the program and they were more than happy to see its effective results. Moreover, the program is easy to follow, and ladies, you will not have to compromise with taste to lose weight. So, are you ready to try it? Click Here to grab your copy.

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