The Story of Carly Donovan

carly donovanFor an aspiring model like Carly, being overweight, or putting on even a few pounds is something much more than a nightmare. She just started making small progressions towards achieving her big dream. She started participating in local events and was at the peak of her career. She was also practicing to become eligible for national-level competitions. Carly has always been very confident about herself and had very high expectations. Along with the level of confidence that she exhibited, Carly also had to deal with a lot of stress. She would often get anxious before her performance.

During one such stage shows, Carly was supposed to walk the ramp as the show stopper. It was her first show as a show stopper, and she was under immense stress and got really anxious a few minutes before the show. Her mental state took a toll on her physical condition, and she became unconscious just a few minutes before her performance. Medical help was alerted, and she was rushed to the ER immediately. The doctor advised Carly to take a break from her routine and do something to let go off her stress. At the same time, Carly also started taking anti-anxiety pills. She took a break from work and went on a solo trip to Europe. Traveling through the beautiful locals of Europe did give her some peace, but it accompanied a lot of eating too. This coupled with her habit of taking anti-anxiety pills played with her body, and she put on a lot of weight. She also started observing her metabolism going down. She did come back from her vacation and tried to get back to her routine. But, nothing seemed to be working, and all her attempts to get back in shape proved to be vain. She could feel her lack of interest in fitness. The once disciplined Carly had now become sluggish and lethargic. She never imagined that her fight against anxiety would take such a toll on her body. She was clueless that the anti-anxiety pills that she gulped down from time to time were worsening her condition. Her detonating condition made her more uneasy, and Carly increased the dosage of the medicines. This only made things worse.

While she struggled to get back to normalcy, Carly got a brilliant opportunity to enter a national level competition. A few weeks before her competition, Carly’s trainer was very much bothered about her participating in the event. “Winning the competition was not even the main question. I would be much satisfied if she would be able to participate in the event before everyone else,” her trainer would say. For Carly, it was not a very welcome statement, and that coming from her trainer was even more troubling. The opportunity that came her way was something that could accelerate her career and take it to a new height that she was trying to reach since school. Now that the opportunity came knocking her way, she did not want to take a chance with it. It was time for her to perform, but her body was not ready and fit enough.

Owing to her increased weight, Carly would always be fatigued and would get tired quickly. It started reflecting on her face, and she was not very happy to cover it up with layers of makeup. She knew that her body wasn’t fit, and she had to work on it. She was becoming obese every day, and it also started hurting her confidence. She dropped out of the competition and a year passed by, but her weight issues seemed to become more prominent with every passing day. Her major setback resulted in her losing several other chances. People she knew started calling her unfit and ‘flabby.’ Carly became clinically depressed. Her dependence on anti-depressants led to more significant weight gain. She weighed about 85 pounds.

Recalling her painful journey, Carly says, “I knew I had become obese. I started feeling lazy and would avoid getting off the couch during the day. I would sit in front of the TV all day, and even getting a glass of water from the kitchen became difficult. I started feeling like an object in the corner of the room – a good for nothing.”

During one of her routine health checkups, Carly’s doctor warned her of the harsh consequences she would have to face if she didn’t take her weight issues seriously.

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Stumbling upon the “weight-loss doubling” ritual not only triggered a relentless fat-torching “domino-effect,” but also ended Cary’s battle with pre-diabetes, endometriosis, hypertension, and depression.

Carly says that she started losing 5-7 pounds every week over the next few weeks straight!

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Carly lost 84 pounds much faster than she expected! She did not have to give up on her favorite food, and neither did she undergo any fad-diet! The best thing about it was that the young girl wrapped in fat and a lot of guilt walked out of the hospital with a big smile and a heart full of confidence to win over the world.

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Our scientists have discovered with this unusual 160-year-old “flavor-pairing” ritual which has been designed by the Slimmest, Most Disease-Resistant, and Longest Living country – Japan. This simple yet effective ritual could effectively transform the female body into something that acts as a fat-torching furnace that burns fat with each passing moment. At the same time, the ritual also generates a “rebound weight-gain defense system,” to make it biologically impossible for fat to reappear as it does.

Let’s hear it from Carly

I started contemplating liposuction to get back into shape, but my doctor’s advice came across to me as a huge shock. I was highly confused when my doctor said that “SHOKU-IKU” was the key.

The term SHOKU-IKU translates to Nutrition Architecture.

It is a set of guidelines that are broken down into simple food and flavor-pairing rituals that help in boosting metabolism and aids fat-burning. The main goal of the pairing was to create “metabolic and hormonal balance in the body to promote health, strength, well-being, and happiness.”

Some more research

More research into the topic helped me understand that Japanese women eat more carbs than other women across the world and still maintain lean figures. Their secret is simple “FLAVOR PAIRING.”

The moment I found that the FLAVOR PAIRING Ritual was among the best methods for weight loss, I decided to embrace it immediately… the very same day.

I believe that the most empowered women on this planet are the ACTION TAKERS.

I decided on using four rituals which worked well with my lifestyle the best while allowing me to achieve my goal.

I was very much shocked to observe positive changes in just 30 minutes. This change also gave me a lot of satisfaction plus peace-of-mind.

I did feel a little fatigue and headache in the first few minutes, but my doctor did advice that “headaches or minor discomfort are common during the first few hours. This confirms the inflammation of fat cells and enzymes, so they are ready for elimination.”

The good news is –

My headaches were gone by 3 pm, and I started feeling euphoric…

Slowly, I could feel an energy boost, and my body felt lighter.


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